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Malinda L. Gaines Scholarship for Education Support

The Malinda L. Gaines Scholarship for Education Support provides high schoolers who have been accepted into college with $1,000 awards to be used to cover direct and/or indirect 1st year college related expenses. 


The scholarship currently serves Chesterfield and Lancaster Counties. One male and one female student from each of the counties' high schools will recieve an award. The Class of 2018 will receive the first awards.


Malinda L. Gaines was a resident of Chesterfield County. She was a retired educator of the Lancaster County School District.


As a classroom teacher she always taught from 'bell to bell'. Her advice to young teachers would always begin with "learn the material before you teach it!" She believed that a teacher's enthusiasum in presenting curricula could eventually win even the most challenging of students.


As a guidance counselor Mrs. Gaines' compassion was never ending. She worked tirelessly to assist students in identifying and overcoming barriers that threatened their academic success. Her efforts often reached into the home where she assisted parents in creating an atmosphere of learning that led many to upgrade their educational status.


We at Consolidated are proud to assist in carrying out the legacy of Malinda L. Gaines by hosting the fund and awarding scholarships that bare her name.


Ready to give? Make checks payable to MLGSF (Malinda L. Gaines Scholarship Fund) and send your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE contributions to: Consolidated N. S., Attn. MLG Scholarship, PO Box 185, Jefferson, SC 29718.


You may also donate now by credit card, debit card, or Paypal Account by clicking the following.

Click below to download award criteria and a scholarship application. The application should be postmarked no later than December 31, 2015 for the 2016 awards. Send completed applications to: Consolidated Nutritional Services, Attn MLG Scholarship, PO Box 185, Jefferson, SC 29718.

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