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K. Nekayee Gaines, Interim Division Director


The DIVISION of FAMILY DAY CARE HOMES (FDCH) seeks to provide programs and support for Providers of In-Home child day care services in both traditional and apartment homes.


For CURRENT HOME CARE PROVIDERS; we administer the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) which provides meal reimbursement. We also offer Business Consulting Services to assist providers in recordkeeping, filing income taxes, making insurance decisions, and more.


For Individuals wanting to START IN-HOME CHILD CARE; we share our business model, assist with licensing, and provided other services designed to assist individuals in effectively establishing a career in child care.


We ensure that all our Providers receive on-going technical support and training to facilitate effective program operations.


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For In Home Day Care Providers

[Child and Adult Care Food Program]

The Child and Adult Care Food Program is a key source of support for improving the nutritional quality of meals and snacks served to children and adults in day care.


The Child and Adult Care Food Program is a federally funded program that gives meal reimbursements to providers of home day care facilities for serving nutritious meals. The objectives of CACFP are to:

  • Improve the diets of children by providing nutritious meals;
  • Help children develop good eating habits; and to
  • Establish a pattern of eating that will follow children throughout their adult lives.

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Hi! Scrappy Carrot here!


Just wanted to drop you a little info about my peeps, those good ole' carrots! Carrots are a versatile food that is very good for you and health benefits of carrots are almost countless. You can eat them raw, you can put carrots in cakes and they also can go in a salad. According to studies, carrots contain more vitamins and minerals, than any other vegetable and, yes, your granny is right, carrots improve your vision and can even help you to see in the dark too! We can’t prove that carrots make an effective alternative to night vision goggles, but we can give you ten other reasons why carrots are good for you, so here are 10 health benefits of carrots everyone should know about:


1. Anti-aging food

Carrots contain an anti-oxidant called beta-carotene, a substance that helps to protect your cells against damage from your everyday activities, which can slow the aging process.


2. Carrots can help to prevent heart disease

As well as the beta-carotene, carrots also contain alpha-carotene and lutein, both of which can help to prevent heart disease. Adding carrots to your diet can also help to reduce your cholesterol levels.


3. Granny was right about the night vision!

Carrots are actually good for your eyes after all. The beta carotene contained in carrots is converted by the body into vitamin A, which transforms to the substance that is responsible for improving your vision, and yes, your vision at night too!


4. Carrots detoxify your body

The vitamin A in carrots helps to cleanse the liver of harmful toxins, and the fibre in the vegetable cleanses the colon and improves the digestion.


5. Carrots clean your teeth

As well as all the vitamins and minerals that you get from carrots, chomping on a raw carrot is great for your teeth and your gums. Eating the vegetable raw will remove plaque from your teeth and trigger the production of cleansing saliva in your mouth.  

6. Carrots fight infection

Carrots have a powerful and natural antiseptic quality and can be applied, boiled or shredded, to wounds to fight infection.


7. Carrots can be used as a face mask

For a fresh and clear complexion, do this ‘pick-me-up’, refreshing face mask for normal skin type: mix 2 tablespoons of grated carrots (or even better – use your blender) with a tablespoon of natural yogurt and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil; apply to your skin for 10 minutes, then rinse. It’s a great and natural way to nourish and refresh your face. Make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients.


8. Carrots protect your skin

A lack of vitamin A can cause dryness of the skin, nails and hair, and carrots are a great source of vitamin A. The vitamins and antioxidants in carrots will also help to protect your skin against damage from the rays of the sun.


9. Carrots are better than multi-vitamins

The contents of carrots read better, than the label on a pack of multi-vitamins. Carrots contain Vitamins A, B, C, D and beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, riboflavin, thiamine, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, dietary fiber, zinc, manganese; and carrots are very low in calories, 100 grams of carrots contain only about 40 kcal.


10. Carrots can protect you against strokes

In studies, people who eat more, than six carrots a week are less likely to suffer a stroke, than those who eat none or just a few.


THANKS FOR READING ... now go enjoy a few carrots TODAY!

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