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Our Board of Directors

With a combined total exceeding 150 years of work and community service experiences including religous, military, textile, manufacturing, professional services, social, civic, and other activities; our Board of Directors are well qualified to take on the challenges of a Global Economy effected by politics in an environment where traditions are being confronted.


Our directors are commited to developing a "well oiled machine" capapble of meeting and thereby exceeding agency goals and objectives fueled by our mission of  "Providing services with the Standard of Excellence for health, for education, for community!"


Reginald D. Tolbert, Chairman


Vacant, Vice Chairman


Vacant, Secretary


JB Hickmon, Treasurer


M. Teresa Hall, At-Large

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Our Board of Directors

Reginald D. Tolbert



Douglas Threatt

Vice Chairman


Ernestine B. Ross



JB Hickmon



Kimerla W. Linton




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