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Who are we?

Consolidated Nutritional Services (CNS) is the marketing title for Food for Little Rascals, Inc. (FFLR). FFLR is a South Carolina based agency operated exclusively to improve the health, welfare, and care of children. The agency is a private non-profit organization operating with 501(c)(3) status. Since its 1989 inception, FFLR has been commited to offering programs and services with the standard of excellence for health, for education, for community!


What we do

We implement programs and organize community initiatives for our youth that supports growth and development; improves environmental conditions; and builds character and net worth.

What makes us unique?

We become experts in our fields. As researchers and developers, our service techniques are both innovative and cutting-edge. We are provider oriented and customer service friendly. Our paperwork load is light. We take the guesswork out by performing as much of the workload as possible. As your sponsor, WE WORK FOR and actually care about YOU!

Hey folks! Oh don't be like that now ... it's just lil ole me, Nana Banana! I just wanted to drop you a few facts about myself. Check this out ...


  • When ripe I am usually long and curved with a soft inside covered by a yellow skin (peel).

  • I can be found in other colors, including red.

  • There are no such things as banana trees, we come from a type of herb.

  • Humans have grown us for thousands of years.

  • Most species of our plant originated in Southeast Asia.

  • We grow in large, hanging bunches. I love just hanging around!

  • In a row we are sometimes called a 'hand', as individuals we are sometimes called a 'finger'.

  • I weigh on an average of around 125 grams.

  • My body is made of around 75% water.

  • I have high nutritional value and am a healthy snack.

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Our Board of Directors

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Douglas Threatt

Vice Chairman


Ernestine B. Ross



JB Hickmon



Kimerla W. Linton




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